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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Old School" Product Recommendations

"Blue Magic" was recommended to me by a stylist who said it was the only thing that grew her daughter's edges back! It is a heavy hairdressing; so extreme moderation should be used with its application. I found it to be great as a pressing oil for the good, old fashioned pressing comb and stove method. The lanolin in it makes it a good, long lasting moisturizer. There is no need to apply daily. I would apply this product to the scalp more than I would to the hair. (Again, less is best with application of this product.)
The keywords on this bottle of Instant Moisturizer is "Glycerine and Protein!" Some bottles only say "Glycerine." You want to buy the one with both words. The Glycerine is good for shine and the protein is good for strength. The product is a little wet but great for an overnight hair treatment.

I have tried thousands of professional products. The low price points on these products make them a "great deal" in regards to performance. Since today's economy is pushing people into lower price points, I figure that recommendations like these with improve hair strength, shine, and density for less than $5.00!

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