Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
Life, Growth, and Connection (This sunflower was nourished by my hands.) 2010; Photography by Benita Blocker. Please become a follower of this blog.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Deep Wave look without the Sizzle!

Deep Wave Rollers are detachable. Add up to four to cover the length of the hair.
Side view of first model. Hair by Benita Blocker

Back view of first model. Hair by Benita Blocker

Deep Wave roller sets dries within less than an hour because hair is not wrapped in revolutions! Hair by Benita Blocker

Deep Wave Wet Sets are a healthier alternative to the sizzle of the hot/thermal waving irons. Hair by Benita Blocker

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When to choose the Roller Set over the Blow-dry!

If you have extremely curly hair (i.e. like a Type 4c), then Roller set service is the healthiest option at all times. Why? The curlier the hair is naturally means that there is more opportunity for the cuticle to open and makes it easier to break.

Even if you relax this extremely curly hair straight, you have permanently altered the strand which means it is weaker than the original natural chemical free strand. So it's likelihood of breaking is still greater!

Relaxer services using a conditioning lye relaxer between 7 weeks and 6 months (for looser curl patterns) is ideal.

Blow-dry services can be choosen if 1) you are four or five weeks out from your last relaxer service and desire a straight look or 2) your natural curl pattern is a type 1, type 2, or type 3. (curly but not kinky).

If you are a double processed, relaxed and colored, then roller set service is the best service option unless you have a lot of new growth.

For those diehard straight styling clients, you have to maintain the moisture level in the hair to avoid breakage. It is hard for natural oils to run down curly-proned hair. So you are responsible for moisturizing the ends so that they do not break.

Save the "blow in the wind" styling for photo shoots, church, job interviews and other red carpet or black tie events . . .

Moisture product options: Oil sheen, light pommades, butters, natural oils.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Documenting Hair Thickening Naturally

"The After:" Fresh haircut and style. Hair and scalp can recover from thinning caused by chemicals and not enough oxygen. You must make sure that wigs and hairpieces have enough holes to see through and allow oxygen/air to get to the scalp. Be careful of drawstring ponytails. Ponytail attachments have added weight concentrated in one area of the head and they do not allow scalp to breathe. Hairpieces look cute as far as styling but save them for special events versus everyday use.
"The Before:" Yes. This is the same head of hair as above except it is a picture about 1.5 years prior. What you see is the results of several years of professional sensitive scalp relaxer services by licensed professionals in state licensed salons. This is proof that Sensitive Scalp relaxers are like using "Super Stength" all the time! Sensitive scalp relaxers should not be a preferred choice. Please copy and paste the following link into your browser window to see an article supporting that sensitive scalp relaxers can be more dangerous than traditional lye relaxers:

Within three weeks of using the Gluefree QuickWeave method created by Morning Glory Products. It is a messy service, but the protective serum allows the hair to grow! Under supervision of licensed hair professional Benita Blocker.

Proof that your hair and scalp can recover without hair transplants under the supervision of licensed professional Benita Blocker. Kinky curly (Type 4c) hair is texturized using Paul Mitchell relaxers/retexturizing for more control. The scalp remains healthy without chemical burns!

This is proof (Blown out proof) that Licensed Professional Benita Blocker can grow your hair with proper chemical texturizing! (using Paul Mitchell relaxer System -- gentle enough for the most sensitive scalps!)

After growing out enough length (at least three inches all over), you can get a professional haircut and style when you are ready.

Friday, August 6, 2010

High Demand; Low Hair Supply

This invisible braids service cost $150 labor. The market value for the human hair (Janet) is $54.99 per pack. Two packs of hair required. I cut and styled the hair myself. (Hairstylist: Benita Blocker)

The price of commercial human hair is skyrocketing!

I just had invisible braids done. Luckily, I had left over human braiding hair which I paid $26.99 per pack. I found out that today's market price for the same pack of hair is $54.99. The price of hair has doubled in 10 years.

There are a few things in my mind that has doubled in ten years: gasoline for the car, human hair, paper products and food?

I think the demand for commercial human hair is much larger than the supply. Either people are going to be forced to buy less quality hair or GROW their own!

I suggest that people invest more into higher quality hair products; learn to be patient with the roller sets, and keep it simple. These tips will keep the length on your hair!

For the smart investor, I suggest stocking up on high quality 100% human hair and hold on to it for about 5 years. You may double your money if you can find a buyer.

It is like diamonds. They are worth a lot of money to somebody. You just have to find the right somebody.