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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camera and Mirrors are important!

I caught a good bit of Oprah's show highlighting the book "Women, Food, and God." I agree that people have to look past their physical flaws in order to start whipping their physical image in shape.

I would like to piggyback that the mirror is important because sometimes we wake up one day and do not recognize ourselves. That is when you have to look deeper into the spiritual world. The start is at the mirror!

To go even further, use that camera on the cell phone and snap yourself all the time; at least once everyday! The camera will tell you how others see you.

Sometimes when we are in the mirror, we see beauty inward and/or outward; then we need the camera to verify what we see in ourselves. The camera can capture your mood as well as your image!

So lights . . . Camera . . . Action! (No more comfort foods! Think portion control!)

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  1. I was watching Oprah again recently. It was profound to hear that one of the guest on the show underwent gastric bypass. She had some complications, but would do it all over again because her now thinner image has afforded her a husband and a lifestyle that she would not have possibly achieved by being overweight. With her having been on both sides of the spectrum, for her to make that statement means that if you are single, then you have to love yourself enough to lose weight in order to keep attract a spouse of the same caliber. Sad. but true. Welcome to society!