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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brazilian Blowout brand of BKT

The "Brazilian Blowout" brand is the only keratin treatment on the market so far that does not have any formaldehyde, aldehyde, or derivatives of these chemicals. It consists of silicone, collagen, and keratin. They have an Acai Aftercare line. Their after care line has the same SuperNutrient Complex as the treatment itself. It will help prolong the styling.
Client had received a permanent wave at a New York salon two weeks prior to seeking a Brazilian Blowout service to control frizz.
After receiving the Brazilian Blowout service and fringe cut by Hairstylist Benita Blocker, Client has beautiful, more manageable hair even on high humidity days.

I have been studying Brazilian Keratin Treatments for a year before finding the best one yet!!!! Brazilian Blowout is the brand. There is no four day wait after receiving the application. There is no formaldehyde nor aldehyde.

Who are the best candidates for the Brazilian Blowout brand?
1) Tenderheaded, overly curly little girls who are pigtail age.
2) Those who have high-lift color and need to control frizz during humid weather.
3) Those who have straight hair either naturally straight or relaxed straight and need to control frizz and the effects of humidity.

Who is not a good candidate for any BKT?1)Those who want to wear their natural curly or wavy hair. The Brazilian Blowout will smooth out the frizz, but depending on the stylist's number of passes, quality of flat iron, etc - your curl pattern MAY get altered from the flat ironing process. It is a gamble especially with the brands that have formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives in them.
2)Those that are tightly coiled who are looking for bone straight hair. Brazilian Blowout will only make your coils more manageable. Texturing with Paul Mitchell mild relaxer two weeks before the treatment will deliver even better results for over curly hair types.
3)Those who are price conscious. Brazilian Blowout starts around $250. AfterCare products run around $35+ a piece. Color and/or relaxer services are separate pricing and should be performed two weeks prior to Brazilian Blowout for the healthiest results.

Brazilian Blowout has a website, but their salon locator may not be updated. Ask to see a stylist's Brazilian Blowout certificate if in question or call the company to see if the stylist is registered. My Brazilian Blowout certificate is posted in my salon and is displayed on my fan page on FaceBook. Visit Applebaum Hair fan page.

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  1. In October 2010, Oregan OSHA issued a warning to stop using Brazilian Blowout. A week later, it was proven that Oregan's testing methods were faulty. Brazilian Blowout still stands behind its product. I have performed the procedure numerous times and never had any eye tearing nor extreme fume issues.