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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hair and Dating

I had forgotten that the movie "Good Hair" by Chris Rock featured a man who would judge what kind of dates he would have with a woman based on her hairstyling . . . whether or not she had low or high maintenance hair . . .

Examples: 1) Riding in a convertible with the top down . . . wind and "weave" do not go together. So remember to keep a scarf around "weave free" or not. Smile.

2)Water sports and swimming are obviously for those who know how to swim and do not mind getting their hair wet. The ability to "wash and wear" your natural hair will be a big dating plus for this particular catch. Braided hairstyles also a good option.

3)Sleeping pretty . . . and waking up glamourous . . . without rollers, without scarves, etc. . . . This is the ultimate "Halle Berry" test. LOL!

On a separate note, hair and skin can make men "lose their mind!" A lot of men do not like hair extensions, but they can deal with braids. I believe that men enjoy having the freedom of touching their lady's hair. They like the illusion of having a princess or an woman that has an exotic (Indian or Ethopian) look.

The closer your image looks more natural to this exotic/prestigious look; the more men that you attract! It seems like it is always "all or nothing." You either draw every man in the room or you draw no men. Smile. Example: I decided on a invisible braids style that looked so natural that unless I actually made people look at my roots to see that I had braids at the roots, they just were clueless. I left my perimeter hairline out which further threw them off, but the response from both men and women was unbelievable. I had men slipping me phone numbers, and women all in my hair. I had some Mexican women wanting to feel my hair because it looked "long and strong." And all of that was within the first week! By week two, I was being asked out on a date.

The braiding hair used for my invisible braids hairstyle ran $110 for two packs of hair at 2010 pricing. I paid the braider $150 to put in. I cut, styled and maintained it. So $300 later . . .I had "stop traffic" hairstyling and a "making money" look! Please see my article on invisible braids.

The attention that "great hair/great skin/great image" can give you is priceless at times, but hopefully, a good relationship is not built solely on "good hair."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Best Conditioner for Extension hair

A few years back, the Purple Diva, Veronica of Veronica's Beautyrama, told me about Cream of Nature shampoo. It was fabulous for extension hair up until they reformulated their whole line.

Now, hands down, Hairdreams "regeneration" conditioner is the absolute best conditioner on the planet for extension hair(commercial hair)! Even if the hair has become easily tangled, just generously detangle with the "regeneration," rinse, and run the regeneration back through it again. This conditioner will be a God send. Honest!

Hairdreams Anti-tap spray is a great leave-in conditioner for extension hair as well!

The best shampoo for revitalizing extension hair thus far is Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. It restores moisture instantly!

The combination of Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Creamy Aloe shampoo and Hairdreams Regeneration conditioner should be all that is needed for extension or weave clients. (Hairdreams Anti-tap spray is a great backup plan as an optional leave-in conditioner just in case the shampoo/conditioner does not get you there.)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Camera and Mirrors are important!

I caught a good bit of Oprah's show highlighting the book "Women, Food, and God." I agree that people have to look past their physical flaws in order to start whipping their physical image in shape.

I would like to piggyback that the mirror is important because sometimes we wake up one day and do not recognize ourselves. That is when you have to look deeper into the spiritual world. The start is at the mirror!

To go even further, use that camera on the cell phone and snap yourself all the time; at least once everyday! The camera will tell you how others see you.

Sometimes when we are in the mirror, we see beauty inward and/or outward; then we need the camera to verify what we see in ourselves. The camera can capture your mood as well as your image!

So lights . . . Camera . . . Action! (No more comfort foods! Think portion control!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Celebrity Hairstyles - The Good and the Bad!

I just saw Pauletta Washington on the tv program "Good Works" on yesterday. She is Denzel Washington's wife. I was very impressed with her credentials and her interview, but her hair screamed "cheap wig!"

I noticed Michelle Obama on the cover of "Good Housekeeping" magazine. Her hair screamed "I am getting shorter and shorter!"

If I had to gamble, I am willing to bet that both of these ladies have Type 4/tightly coiled hair. There has not been enough research and development on maintaining the health of this type of hair. This type of hair is not considered the "model hair" type.

I even tried researching African websites for answers to tightly coiled hair. They have been dealing with their tightly coiled hair longer than Black American women, but they are still trying to figure it out too!

The challenge is that the tighter the hair is naturally coiled, then the bandwidth between the natural texture and a completely straight texture is very wide. Just like hair color -- jumping from Black/Brunette to Blonde in one step is not a long-term healthy move. It can be done safely, but hair has to be constantly nurtured to avoid breakage in the long run.

So if you have tightly coiled hair and you use a chemical relaxer, then it will weaken the coils if completed too often, which will cause breakage. However, celebrities need styling control.

Black female celebrities that seem to have the greatest control of their hair include comedienne Monique and entertainer Janet Jackson.

The best tips for tightly coiled/kinky hair:

1) use sulfate-free shampoos such as Pureology,
2) use conditioners tailored to the weather you are going to be in,
3) consider investing in synthetic lace front wigs that do not require adhesive to hold it such as the brand "It's a Wig" which has a very natural look. You can get up to two weeks use out of it and then get another one. This brand costs around $40 to $80 a piece, but for camera and spotlights -- it can be worth it to avoid so many chemicals and heat to the natural hair. Please see my other articles for how to cut the lace front wigs.

A Woman's Hair style is power!

Women: Your hair style can determine

1) the quality of customer care that you receive in retail stores,
2) whether or not, you get a discounted transaction in retail stores,
3) free samples with purchase in retail stores,
4) if you get the job at the interview even if you do not have a strong interview
5) if you are approached by a romantic interest.
6) if you can keep your husband if he is obsessed with hair

Yes, try it if you do not believe me.

Experiment: Pick a restaurant or cafeteria. Go one day, very casual, hair can be in a ponytail or pinned back or whatever quick style you can put together. Basic makeup. Comfortable clothes. Observe how your food is handed to you. Observe how your cashier or waiter treats you.

Then on the next day or two, Go back to the same eating establishment dressed to impress from hairstyled to at least dressy casual look with some sort of collar blouse. Observe how your food is handed to you. Observe your cashier or waiter's response to you. Observe the customer care.

Same resturant but different customer care experience right? . . . Let me know if you try the experiment!

Hair completes your total image inside the building . . . cars complete your total image outside the building.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brazilian Blowout brand of BKT

The "Brazilian Blowout" brand is the only keratin treatment on the market so far that does not have any formaldehyde, aldehyde, or derivatives of these chemicals. It consists of silicone, collagen, and keratin. They have an Acai Aftercare line. Their after care line has the same SuperNutrient Complex as the treatment itself. It will help prolong the styling.
Client had received a permanent wave at a New York salon two weeks prior to seeking a Brazilian Blowout service to control frizz.
After receiving the Brazilian Blowout service and fringe cut by Hairstylist Benita Blocker, Client has beautiful, more manageable hair even on high humidity days.

I have been studying Brazilian Keratin Treatments for a year before finding the best one yet!!!! Brazilian Blowout is the brand. There is no four day wait after receiving the application. There is no formaldehyde nor aldehyde.

Who are the best candidates for the Brazilian Blowout brand?
1) Tenderheaded, overly curly little girls who are pigtail age.
2) Those who have high-lift color and need to control frizz during humid weather.
3) Those who have straight hair either naturally straight or relaxed straight and need to control frizz and the effects of humidity.

Who is not a good candidate for any BKT?1)Those who want to wear their natural curly or wavy hair. The Brazilian Blowout will smooth out the frizz, but depending on the stylist's number of passes, quality of flat iron, etc - your curl pattern MAY get altered from the flat ironing process. It is a gamble especially with the brands that have formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives in them.
2)Those that are tightly coiled who are looking for bone straight hair. Brazilian Blowout will only make your coils more manageable. Texturing with Paul Mitchell mild relaxer two weeks before the treatment will deliver even better results for over curly hair types.
3)Those who are price conscious. Brazilian Blowout starts around $250. AfterCare products run around $35+ a piece. Color and/or relaxer services are separate pricing and should be performed two weeks prior to Brazilian Blowout for the healthiest results.

Brazilian Blowout has a website, but their salon locator may not be updated. Ask to see a stylist's Brazilian Blowout certificate if in question or call the company to see if the stylist is registered. My Brazilian Blowout certificate is posted in my salon and is displayed on my fan page on FaceBook. Visit Applebaum Hair fan page.

How to cut lace fronts, frontals and lace front wigs

If you are buying a lace front wig, lace frontal unit, etc, then as you know, there is extra "lace" material that should be cut away to custom fit your own face. Please do NOT use regular straight scissors/shears to cut this extra material off. I want to scream whenever I see a perfectly straight cut around the hairline!!!

Instead buy some "pinking shears." They have zigzag teeth. They can be found in the sewing areas of the department stores or in fabric shops. Do not be afraid to cut into the wig's lacefront hairline some with the pinking shears. A slightly "messy" cut will deliver the most realistic hairline!

Typically, you would have to pay for a lace front class like I did in order to learn the proper technique, but I felt the need to let my followers know as a gift. So please keep our secret to yourself unless become a follower of this blog site. Smile. Regardless, please show your support by clicking on "Follow" and get connected to me! No extra emails will be coming your way. Visit as often as you would like at your own convenience! Thanks!