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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Why pay $30 to $60 for a shampoo?

Higher end products generally have superior quality ingredients such as "Certified Organic Botanicals." These higher end products deliver dependable results and often times a little goes a long way.

Higher end products should be bought from a professional licensed salon.

Be careful of manufacture date. All high-end products should be used within three years of Manufacture date for best results.

Paraben-free products have an even shorter expiration time-frame because they don't have the preservatives. (Examples: Jane Carter Solution, Bioken)

Pureology and Aveda are two of the most popular high-end product lines. Both lines have shampoos that work very well on ethnic hair. Seek a salon professional to advise you on which shampoos are best for your hair type.

Conditioners are a whole different story. Ethnic hair often times need heavier conditioning treatments than Caucasian hair. For example: A regular cream conditioner may work on Caucasian hair/straight hair whereas a heavier hair masque may work better on ethnic hair/drier hair.

Please note that high-end shampoos start the conditioning process. So fine Caucasian hair/straight hair may not need a conditioner when a light conditioning rinse may perform better.

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