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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bodiphier Relaxer Final Evaluation and Hair types

I have been reviewing this product for months. Notice the keyword "permanent" on the label? That means "permanent chemical change." Notice that it says will not overprocess? That means "will not overprocess on the first use." What I have found is that the "BodiPHer" can overprocess the hair if used too frequently which can result in overlapping just like any other relaxer. When I put strands of my hair in the "Bodipher" it eventually turned brown and dissolved away just like any other relaxer. The founder recommends keeping the moisture level at a high if trying to sport a texturized look. Also, according the founder, if you are locking in moisture by wearing it straight, you will be fine without a curl defining lotion.

So in a nutshell, the application of this relaxer on the first try is beautiful. Very little irriation to the scalp. No scabbing. Nice loosening of the curl pattern without overstraightening. If you are not sensitive scalp, then there should be no irritation to the scalp.

But the maintenance is not what I signed up for. I desired lower maintenance hair. It seems to have created higher maintenance hair than my own natural hair without a chemical. Applying it yourself even once a month on shorter hair may overprocess it within three to four months. I was lead to believe that the Bodipher "was not a relaxer," but it is a low pH relaxer, and it should be treated as a relaxer.

What makes it dangerous to me is that the "Bodipher" eventually overprocessed my hair without overstraightening my hair. Let me repeat: It overprocessed (weakened/softened) my hair without straightening it.

I must also mention that I have Type 4c hair. The curliest, wiry hair on the planet.
"The roll and park curls." The hair that shrinks to 75% of its length when dry.

Oprah Winfrey's hairdresser Andre Walker describes hair types in his book from 1997.
Type 4 hair surpasses curly; it is called kinky!

So I asked myself: Why have softened/weakened hair that still looks like it is natural when I can have strong natural hair? It made no sense to me. There was no humidity resistance with the Bodipher when trying to wear it straight. Again, besides it being softer to touch, the "Bodipher" did not serve a purpose for me.

Type 1 and Type 2 hair do not need a relaxer service. Type 3 and Type 4 hair usually resort to the relaxer for weather control. Too much humidity in the air can transform Type 3 and 4 hair into a volumious afro within 30 minutes or less.

So the Bodiphier should be sought after by those who have wavy to curly hair (not kinky hair) who want "control" without additional harsh products. Touch-ups with the Bodiphier needs to be once every three months or longer. If you are trying to use the Bodiphier for complete straightness, then I recommend "NOT!" Try the Paul Mitchell relaxer System instead. (Please see my articles on Paul Mitchell relaxer!)

The Bodiphier is a ultra gentle relaxer with a pH so low that it will not straighten the kinky hair without adding heat to raise the pH even higher.

It claims alkaline water softens the hair . . . but regular water usually softens the hair without the alkalinity.

I mentioned earlier that I left hair in the Bodiphier jar over an extended period of time. The hair eventually melts away like any other relaxer.

The Bodiphier's application is stress-free, but not for the natural Type 4 kinky hair.

My experience is based on three to four Bodiphier applications myself. I had a few areas of my hair that had a soft&beautiful texturizer on the ends, but those longer strands stayed in tack without any breakage. However, the shorter lengths of my hair were over processed by the Bodiphier touchups that I had performed four times within four months. Regardless, the breakage of the ends on my shorter hair was scary. I did not moisturize everyday; but a few times a week should have been sufficient in my opinion to keep in from breaking which is what I did. So the product claims that it will not overprocess; however, I found that it can overprocess with excessive overlapping. This product is a relaxer that uses alternative chemicals versus sodium hydroxide. It is still a chemical. It should be treated as a relaxer.

I am happy that I tried my natural journey. I encourage others to do so as well. You may discover that you like it.

A few youtube video recommendations for natural type 4c hair are:
1)Easily Elongate 4b or 4c and 2) detangling my 4c hair
Both videos are by summerorchid1 and they are at

As of December 3, 2010 -- I have completely recovered from the Bodiphier. No more breakage. The Paul Mitchell relaxer system plus a few extra conditioners were a lifesaver for me! (Please see my articles on Paul Mitchell relaxer system.)


  1. Does the shampoo permanently straighten hair

  2. Hi Reggina: I just found your comment. Thank you for writing. In answer to your question, No, the shampoo does not do anything more than cleanse the hair free of any residue. If you are looking for shampoos that help with straightening, then look for smoothing shampoos such as Pureology SuperSmooth. Also, Look for Anti-frizz shampoos. Hope this helps! Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi, I'm wondering if you have found any alternatives? I'm definitely a type 4... Was also considering liquid Keratin from Ulta.

  4. Hi Nisey: Blooming Beauty Supply and Salon in Charlotte also sells the Liquid Keratin kit. I spoke with a customer who was using the "One n'only" smoothing products from Sally's Beauty Supply. She was pleased with the Sally's product but still was desiring the brazilian keratin treatment that the salons were offering at a lower cost. She purchased the "Liquid Keratin" kit and came back the next day or two to show us the results! She was pleased, and she saved $250 salon price. I do not know long-term if she is still in love with it, but the Liquid Keratin kit was initially a definite "hit!" Go for it! It is a temporary service. If that does not work, then I would recommend Paul Mitchell relaxer system with added oil conditioner as final conditioner completed by a professional. I should also mention that the Liquid Keratin customer was probably a Type 3 hair. Typically, the Type 4 hair is destined to return to a relaxer. No smoothing treatment is really going to straighten the Type 4 hair. It will make it more manageable. I hope this helps!

  5. Liquid Keratin now offers "Liquid Keratin BOLD" for "dark hair." The kit has a African American lady's picture on it. Blooming Beauty Supply has both the original kit and the new BOLD kit. Comparing the ingredients list, there is a difference in one of the initial ingredients. I have not tried the line because it is in direct competition with professional salon services.

  6. Please see my January 10, 2010 article called relaxers, RELAXERS, and relaxer alternatives. It mentions more about the Bodiphier relaxer and Paul Mitchell relaxer as well.

  7. I am caucasian, in my fifties with greying long wavy hair, white round face, still quite dark at the back. I have hairs of uneven cross section esp round ears and nape of neck that breaks and makes a crusty frizz like pubic hair! Feels thick and thin as you run a hair between fingers. Irregular, not like evidence of past illness - ongoing. I have a good diet. It's beginning to affect the rest too, will become like the Golda Meir look. I usually wear it up in a pleat with combs at the back. Very dry, washed 1-2 times a week and no heat, just a little serum and dried up in a bun. Works well wash n go apart from the frizz. I think it would just cling to my head with frizz halo if I cut it short. Help! Would this product work for me d'you think? Thanks

  8. Dear Blackcurrant: I would recommend a hairdressing like a Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding to control the "wiry" frizz around the hairline and perimeter. I do not think that a relaxer is a maintenance service that you would want to start in your fifties. The Bodipher when I used it some years ago would not straightening hair and hold straight without adding heat to the processing time for tightly coiled hair. There are just so many hair pomades on the market now that a relaxer is the last resort for control. Sometimes prescription drugs can cause the frizziness or the "Golda Meir" look in the hair. So try out the "Curly pudding," and make sure it is a fresh product. When Curly pudding gets old, it does not perform as well. You can call the manufacturer to check the batch code on the jar to see if it is a fresh product. It should moisturize and smooth the hairline without being heavy. Let me know if you like it!

  9. Here's me off to buy some fresh Curly Pudding then! Thank you for your help :-)
    You're right about meds. Used to have wiry dry hair, stood up straight when short, then started taking thyroid and it got silkier, a bit finer, and started falling out with wispy regrowth. That part is not what you'd expect! And not the wiry wiggly bits, yuck.
    But not many people actually have the hair they want!

  10. Would it be a bad idea to use this product to get rid of a bad perm that I tried to wash out a couple hours after getting it?

  11. Hi Chrissy: When you say "perm" do you mean "curly permanent wave" or "relaxer?" If I assume that you are desiring to get rid of extra curl from a culy perm application, then I would say that the two chemicals are not compatible, and I would not risk the potential for breakage. Instead use a clarifying shampoo to strip the neutralizing solution out as soon as you can. I hope that this helps!

  12. thanks so much for posting your review you dont know how much it helped me

  13. You are welcome "love!" I am happy to be of service!