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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Humidity Resistant Products for Natural Hair

I have discovered more products to assist with avoiding reversion of naturally curly hair without the weight. I wish that I had discovered these products three or four months ago.

1) Alfaparf Divine Cream - put on wet hair
2) Kimble Silk Treatment Leave-in spray or Paul Brown Hawaii Treat Elite Leave-in spray
3) Fresh Look Blow-drying Cream - put on wet hair
4) Pureology Smoothing Elixir - put on wet hair
Then Thoroughly blow-dry with a Denman Brush followed by a aluminum barrel round brush if more straightness is desired.
5) Mizani Thermasmooth Anti-Humidity Spritz -- spray on after throughly blow-drying hair, then you will be flat-iron ready!
6) Joico Humdity Blocker as a finishing aerosol throughout.

Want to hold more curls? Include Essations regular Styling spray prior to flat ironing.

Want to experience the results before buying all the components? You can schedule with me to have the service completed. Please mention this blog for a complimentary treatment service to be added to the regular thermal service.


  1. With extreme humid weather where you can feel the wetness on your face, natural hair is not going to resist. Just go curly that day!

  2. Have you tried the mizani humidity resistant mist or aveda anti humectant products? If so how do you like them?

  3. Well, I have tried some Aveda anti-humidity pomade, and I felt like it was a little drying to the hair. I keep the Mizani Shyne spray on hand. Clients seem to like it. I am not overly excited about either of them. I think any type of "humidity blocker" is going to have to remain to each individual customized taste. Ranging from a wax to a spray.