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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bodiphier Relaxer Touchups

Hey! I am still enjoying the Bodiphier natural relaxer. I have quite a few clients in the product now, and they are enjoying it!

After enjoying the benefits of the Bodiphier myself for so many weeks (six weeks so far), I almost forgot about the additional touchups that are needed. The new growth still needs to have a regular touch-up schedule if you are wearing the Bodiphier in a thermally straight capacity.

If you are "wash and wear" then you can push the touch-up out as long as you want. However, if you are pressing your hair out, the new growth reverts much quicker with the humidity as to be expected; and you can be prone to popping the hair off just like any other relaxed hair in need of a touch-up.

So if you are pressing; please keep your Bodiphier touch-up at regularly scheduled intervals. About every five weeks would be safe. My touch-up is scheduled SOON! My new growth is in full force. I can only tell when I pressed it out on Sunday and my roots stayed straight for about a day.

Is this process more expensive to keep up than the traditional relaxer? Yes, it is. But remember, you can "wash n wear" at anytime so you have the choice of TWO Looks after every shampoo! Either press it Straight or crunch it curly!

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  1. I no longer recommend the Bodiphier Permanent Relaxer, but I wanted to keep to leave this article in my blog to show how initially everything seems good . . . please see my other articles that I wrote subsequently to this one. Luckily, one Bodiphier application is not going to cause any real issues. It is repeated applications that will overprocess the hair.