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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hard Press versus Soft press

A hard pressing service is an old school art that is dying. The beautician has to know how much heat to silken the hair without burning it up. If done correctly, the hair becomes very humidity resistant. However, a downside, if done enough, the hair will lose its natural curl pattern when it is wet. The hair protein loses its natural behavior. (Please see my separate article on the "effects of heat" which describes the nature of protein.)

So if you ever want to have "wash and wear" hair, then you should not seek hard pressing on a regular basis. You should embrace your natural curl pattern.

A soft press service is a healthier option, but it can be unpredictable until your hair gets trained. Getting your hair trained can take several months; otherwise, your straight look may last for about 5 minutes in high humidity weather. Can you say "instant afro?" and a feeling of "wasted time and money?"

My conclusion on naturally curly hair is to wear it curly. If you want the occassional straight look, buy a great looking wig and get it cut and styled.

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  1. It's a year and a half later. Please see my article on Heat Damaged or Heat Trained Hair. I have discovered that trained hair is hair that has been "cooked" enough to permanently straighten without using a chemical. It is safer to train with "direct heat" versus "indirect heat." i.e. Pressing comb versus ceramic ionic flat irons. Ionic flat irons have infrared heat that slow cooks the internal hair structure over the years until it breaks. Please see my 2011 articles on flat irons as well. We all live and learn!