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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dreaming of Opening a new salon?

A lot of folks dream of owning their own salon so . . .

Here is a list of rooms to put in your new salon whether you are a stylist or a salon investor:

1) Dispensary ( room to mix chemicals, formulate color formulas, store hair color)
2) Break room (a place to eat, make a short phone call, take a mental break)
3) Storage room (for cleaning chemicals, office supplies, disinfecting tools)
4) Laundry room (washer and dryer --as many as you need to keep towels going)

If you can imagine these four rooms can take up a 1000 sq ft then you still have shampoo area, styling stations, platform hair dryer area, retail display, checkout counter, waiting area.

2000 sq ft is still a small salon.

The task of finding booth renters or trainable employees is even harder. If they are extraordinarily good, then they will eventually start their own salon. So you start over again with finding good staff.

The salon business is not an easy one. There was a time when it was excellent money, but with the cost of living going up, expenses are up, and demand for hair services is down.

I hear that people always want to look beautiful. They are right, but only a small percentage need to look glamourous all the time. Clients are stretching their appointments out until they absolutely need you. You have to be patient, educated, and ready.

Downtime is for cleaning, studying, and trying new initiatives. (Always remember this secret!)

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